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High speed 6*2000 cut to length roll forming machine

High speed 6*2000 cut to length roll forming machine

The 6*2000 cut to length roll forming machine is used to slit the 6mm-thickness and 2000mm-width steel sheets to required length strips in batch.

Cut to length roll forming machine is auxiliary equipment for cold roll forming machines. ZhongTuo Machinery has design this forming line for years in order to meet the needs of our customers. We can manufacture customized machines if you have different requirement. If you have interested in our machines, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Here is video of an example machine working process of cut to length lines for your reference:


Here is a photo of the machine for your reference:

The machine working process is showed in the picture below for your reference:

Here is brief introduction of the cut to length machine, including packaging list, technical parameters and details of major components.
Packaging list of the machine:
No Name Quantity
1 Hydraulic entry coil car 1set
2 Double head decoiler 1set
3 Pinch and press with side guide device 1set
4 Leveling machine 1set
5 Cutter 1set
6 Receivable table 1set
7 Hydraulic system 1set
8 Electrical system 1 set

Technical parameters of the machine for your reference:
No Name Unit Parameter
1 Control model   PLC control
2 Applied to   CR,HR
3 Thickness mm 2-6
4 Width mm 800-2000
5 ID mm Φ508-800
6 OD mm ≤2000
7 Coil weight Ton ≤30
8 Diameter of leveling roller mm 125
9 Distance of leveling rollers mm 135
10 Number of leveling rollers   15
11 Material of leveling roller   GCr15
12 Material of cutter blade   6CrW2Si
13 Speed m/min ≤30 (it is about 10 pieces for 2m per minute,about 5 pieces for 4m per minute)
14 Direction of feed material   from right to left
15 Length tolerance   ≤±1.5mm
16 Diagonal tolerance   ≤±2 mm
17 Power   380V/3PH/50HZ (customized)

Details of major components will be explained below for your reference:
Hydraulic entry car
The hydraulic entry car can move levelly and vertically, which is convenient for putting the steel coils to the decoiler.
The car sets one hydraulic lifting oil cylinder, four balance guide pillars.
Function: Hydraulic entry car is used to lift up and down, move forward and back to make it easy to loads the coils on decoiler. Hydraulic controls lifting, motor drives moving. The car will return back to the start position. It can also carry back the unfinished coils from decoiler.

Double head decoiler                            
◆Supporting steel rolls and uncoiling
◆It is designed with the double hydraulic movable structure
◆The hydraulic cylinders on both sides drive the landscape orientation movement
◆It is equipped with the brake devices and taper decoiler and the 400 hydraulic brake wheel.
◆Mechanical structure: the process is welded by steel plate and steel.
◆Main parameter

Name Instruction quantity
Capacity 30T  
decoiler model taper  
expand range 500mm-800mm 1
brake wheel. YWZ400/45 1
Centering oil cylinder diameter 125mm, distance of run 1100mm 2

Press and pinch with side guide device                          
◆Two hydraulic cylinders controlled unwinding rubber roller lifting.
◆Cycloidal reducer BWY215-121 drive the running of steel coil.
◆ Hydraulic shovel head, hydraulic power shovel-head and feeding steel plates.
◆Structure: It is welding by steel plates and profiled bar
◆Equipped with side guide device,It is composed of the frame, guide roller, adjustment device, movable platform and multi-roller wheel
◆The vertical rollers on the both sides guide the sheet right into the slitter.
◆800-2000mm Both sides of guiding vertical rollers adjust by the motor drives the both ends of the screw. The adjusting width is: 800-2000mm

Four fold leveling machine (90KW DC)                      
◆It is composed of 15 working rollers, driving device, 2 pinch code rollers, 3 groups of supporting rollers and machine frame. Both sides of each rolling wheel is transmitted by needle pins, all are main driving rollers. Total it is 17 rollers ,the diameter of leveling roller is 125 mm, and the distance of leveling roller is 135mm,it is with supporting rollers
◆the function of supporting roller: make the even rollers receive the balanced force and reduce the friction of the leveling rollers
◆the working rollers use electric machine to adjust the upper and lower gap with 2 hand wheel to make sure the even quality.
◆Drive model: all the independent rollers and gear box are driven by 90kw DC control electromotor machine.
◆Automatic circulating lubrication system
◆Main parameter

Name Parameter and description Remark
Motor power 90KW  
Level temperature -10~40℃  
Frame material Q235  
Work roller material GCr15 forge piece
Work roller surface hardness HRC55-60 Hardened depth 3-5mm
Supporting roller material 42Cr forge piece
surface hardness of supporting roller material HRC52-56 3-5mm Hardened depth 3-5mm
Roller handling process Raw material tempering-rough process-Hardened HRC55-60-finish machining According to the bearing shaft processing technology

◆shear model: cut from up to down hydraulically which is cooperate with the signal direct from the encoder and shear automatically
◆Automatic control the shearing
◆Adopt gap adjusting design to cut the materials
◆Four-side cutter , the material is 6CrW2Si,and it can shear 6mm steel plate safely after heat treatment

Receive table
◆It length is 500-6000mm, set side guide stacking device.
◆Width adjustment: 800mm(min)-2000mm(max)
Hydraulic system                            
◆Ensure the using of every hydraulic parts
◆The working pressure of the hydraulic system is 6.3-16Mp
◆Hydraulic energy adopt the domestic high-quality brands
Electrical system  
◆Standard electric cabinet for electric control
◆The whole line is centralized control.The main operating table has the function of length setting, digital display, automatic counting, high and low speed adjustment, manual feeding, automatic feed, continuous shear, fault alarm and so on.Adopt the servo control mode and PLC control mode , It is controlled by LCD screen with fixed-length cutting by codes and count automatically.


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